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Chapter 742 Die Together

  • At the decisive moment, Jiang Hui raised the hunting gun in her hand and aimed it at Zhuge Yi’s neck. A bullet swiftly shot out of the muzzle and caused a huge explosive sound.
  • Zhuge Yi flipped his body around and tore Tang Lijiang’s shirt apart, but he ended up being flung out. As skillful as Zhuge Yi was, he could not take a direct attack by Jiang Hui on his neck.
  • Behind him, the scene was filled with wailing and howling. Under the web of crossfire, endless bullets rained on the Eight Great Families. Their slaves and servants were especially vulnerable, and it was only seconds before they slumped down dead on the ground. The blood on the ground was mixed with broken limbs and bodies. Excruciating screams echoed throughout the mountain.
  • Right then, the patriarchs had finally responded to the turn in events. Each of them channeled out their internal force and charged at the crowd at the mountain pass.
  • The men from Dragon Camp were indeed elite warriors. However, the warriors were no match for the patriarchs of the Eight Great Families. The patriarchs dashed out and started slashing at the Dragon Camp warriors.
  • With a long sword in her hand, Zhuge Pei looked like a fairy that had descended to earth. The hatred in her eyes was beyond anyone’s imagination.
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