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Chapter 741 Getting Physical

  • “Hahaha…” When Tang Lijiang witnessed Duanmu Yang’s arrogant look, he laughed out loud with his head held high. As he laughed, tears rolled down his cheeks. “Kneel down and beg you?”
  • “Why? Are you reluctant?” Zhuge Yi’s gaze swept past Tang Lijiang, who gritted his teeth and cast a glance at Miao Bai. The poor man whose body was half-skinned was like Tang Lijiang’s brother from a young age and a loyal friend who had helped him overcome many challenges. Seeing that Miao Bai was in the hands of the Eight Great Families, would Tang Lijiang kneel down to save his friend?
  • “N-No!” Miao Bai uttered a syllable from his swollen mouth. Even though his voice was tiny, it was like thunder in everyone’s ear. Tang Lijiang’s eyes were red from resentment. He clenched his fists and took a step forward.
  • “Kneel down!”
  • “Kneel and beg for forgiveness!”
  • “If you kneel down, we could consider returning Miao Bai to you.” Zhuge Yi looked on coldly and snorted, “The Eight Great Families have always acted fairly…”
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