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Chapter 739 The Torture

  • “Who said the Duanmu Family is scared? I just want to have some security!” Duanmu Yang said furiously.
  • “Security? What security? All the Eight Great Families are here and you think we cannot defeat the Tang Family? If that is so, we might as well dissolve and don’t stay on the Snow Mountain of Nine Dragons!” Li Changxing waved his hand in the air and his face was grim.
  • “You…” Duanmu Yang gritted his teeth.
  • “Shut up!” Zhuge Yi glanced across the people around and his face was expressionless. “What’s the point of fighting? If the Patriarch of the Li Family could torture Miao Bai without letting him die, why can't we do the same? If we as the Eight Great Families are frightened by the Tang Family from the common place, how can we call ourselves the Eight Great Families?”
  • “That’s right!”
  • “The Patriarch of the Zhuge Family is right!”
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