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Chapter 733 The God Record

  • Upon seeing what was coming, Tang Yin resisted the twitching of chest and gritted his teeth, and reached out his palm to strike Zhuge Zhan.
  • Both of their palms hit each other. Tang Yin threw up a mouthful of blood and staggered backward.
  • “Tang Yin!”
  • Tang Yin hurried forward and simed her pistol at Zhuge Zhan. “Stop it…”
  • Zhuge Zhan ignored Yuan Zhian and pushed his palm even more forcefully. At the level of Zhuge Zhan, the firearms would not cause much of a threat to him. Although it could still hurt him, the injuries would be mild and not even as threatening as the fingers of Tang Yin.
  • Bang! Bang! Bang!
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