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Chapter 722 The Person With the Most Votes

  • Many people were staring at the car and its passenger. Whoever got out of this car was key to everyone at the scene.
  • When the car door opened and its passenger alighted, everyone immediately shut up. The entire plaza of the annual meeting was plunged into silence.
  • Pei He! At that moment, he looked a little scruffy with one arm held close to his chest which seemed to have suffered a rather serious injury. However, when his cold and emotionless face turned to Tang Yin, the corners of his lips curled into the most attractive smile.
  • “Second Young Master, I am proud that I didn’t disappoint you. I was successful in the States and could now hand six votes to you!” Pei He took a step forward, his eyes staring at Tang Yin while making a humble bow.
  • Wow… The change in events caused a commotion among the onlookers.
  • “Impossible! How is that possible?” Tang Ke was the first to step up with shame and dismay on his face. “How could it be him?”
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