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Chapter 719 Too Close to Call

  • The expression on Anderson’s face changed for several times. Clenching his fists, he suddenly gritted his teeth in rage. There were six companies involved in the amalgamation. When they first merged the companies, Hades had already been in a huge problem. As one of the remaining five companies, Savis Casino was in trouble too, and the situation of the company was still unknown. How could Anderson take the news that the Angel Medical Company had fallen into the hands of the Ouyang Family?
  • Anderson knew that the Ouyang Family was on Tang Yin’s side. It could be said that the Angel Medical Company had fallen into Tang Yin and Pei He’s control once it was taken over by the Ouyang Family. Half of the six companies involved in the amalgamation had been taken away, and there was no doubt that it was a failure. Anderson had no idea what Pei He would do to the next company that he was aiming for.
  • “Mr. Anderson…” Pedesi couldn’t help but interrupt again. Taking a deep breath, she added, “We also received the news that the stock price of Adler Company had spiked at the moment…”
  • “Stock price spiked...” Anderson gritted his teeth just like a fuming lion. It was because he knew that it was not a good phenomenon—someone must have done some tricks behind to cause this to happen!
  • “Anderson, are you going to stay quiet and bear with it all the time?” Alicia finally couldn’t hold back her anger and raised her voice to scold him while glaring at him, “Don’t you think that you should at least think about the consequences that this matter brought to us?”
  • Anderson’s face turned bad. “Tell me then, what should we do?”
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