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Chapter 718 Who Would Be the Winner?

  • “What’s going on?”
  • Anderson clenched his teeth as he fixed his eyes on Pedesi. “What now?!”
  • “Sir… it’s from the secretary of this company. She had filed a case at the police station. It seems that their boss had run away!” Pedesi's voice trembled. “There’s no money left in this company…”
  • “What did you say?” Clenching his teeth, Anderson nearly fainted. Ran away? If that’s the case, who would sign the goods from Mojade Company? Since the president had fled, naturally, she must have taken all the company’s property. At this moment, Anderson suddenly realized that there was really a problem with this company. No wonder Tang Wei was so careful at the beginning!
  • “Pei He!” Anderson roared. Turning his body around, he rushed out of the building. The boss had run away, hence the consequence which the Mojade Company had to face would absolutely be a huge one.
  • After they rushed downstairs, they immediately received all kinds of notifications. The main media of Los Angeles was the first to contact him. As if a hunter had found his prey, these media were chasing after Anderson.
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