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Chapter 714 The Beginning of the Storm

  • Everyone at the scene started fussing after they heard Tao Qingfan’s statement.
  • If something were wrong with the products of Mojade, it would absolutely be the big news, as everyone knew that the product manufacturers from Mojade Company had always had a good reputation over the years. If the news turned out to be true, it would definitely ruin the reputation of Mojade.
  • “We will reconsider the collaboration with Mojade Company. Of course, the most important thing now is to look at this latest batch of products which will be delivered soon. If there is any problem with this batch of products or if the products are delivered late, we will directly terminate the contract with Mojade!” Tao Qingfan stood up at once upon finishing her words before she walked out.
  • With that, it left all the reporters at the scene clueless.
  • Tao Qingfan only mentioned that there was a problem with the products, but she didn’t make it clear what was wrong with the products. Hence, a lot of the people at the scene began to make their own guesses now.
  • Meanwhile, Mojade Company received the news for the first time.
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