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Chapter 713 Confrontation

  • Tang Yin looked at Tang Yuanbo indifferently.
  • “This is Tang Island! Do you have any manners? How could you kill people brutally like this? Is this how you treat your guests?” Tang Yuanbo pointed to Tang Yin. He then continued angrily, “You should have respected the rules here! Do you want to force me to carry out the family punishment?”
  • Tang Yin raised his head before questioning, “Do I have to endure it even when someone was trying to kill me?”
  • “Who will harm you? This is Tang Island! Do you think someone will harm you here?” Tang Yuanbo raged.
  • Tang Yin threw the body in his hands to the ground before he gave his grandfather a meaningful look. “Grandpa, didn’t you see that my driver was assassinated? My man was killed!”
  • “Assassinated? Don’t be ridiculous, Tang Yin! Stop it with your nonsense!” Tang Yuanbo's face turned really dark. Gritting his teeth, he accused, “I only saw you killing people on Tang Island! I didn't see anyone trying to assassinate you!”
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