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Chapter 701 Complaining

  • While the Eight Great Hidden Families were preparing to start a reign of terror, Tang Yin was making preparations for it as well.
  • Tao Qingfan had been in a crazed state for the entire night. If Tang Yin weren’t by her side guarding her, with her attitude, she might already have started becoming frantic. Even though Tao Qingfan was next to him, she’d only calmed down after drinking nearly half a bucket of stalactite water.
  • Tang Yin was speechless when he woke up the next day in the morning and saw Tao Qingfan, who looked confused.
  • The last time Tang Yin entered the cave, he came back with two large barrels of stalactite water, and Tao Qingfan alone had downed almost a whole barrel of it. Adding on to the amount that Wang Jin, Pei He, and the others drank last night, they were left with around one barrel of stalactite water.
  • “Tang Yin, I think there’s something wrong with my body…” Tao Qingfan stared at Tang Yin blankly.
  • “Of course, something isn’t right!” Tang Yin felt speechless as he rolled his eyes and left the room. Tao Qingfan’s body suddenly went through puberty during her uprising yesterday. Her hair, especially, had mysteriously grown to her waist’s length.
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