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Chapter 697 Alert

  • “What kind of great idea?” asked Patriarch Li.
  • Duanmu Yang said coldly, “Some time ago, when Duanmu Xiong came back to the mountain, do you know to what extent Tang Yin was savage?”
  • “To what extent?”
  • “In order to kill my grandson, he was willing to kill his own aunt!” Duanmu Yang sneered. “As long as we broadcast this around, Tang Yin would surely be killed by all with morals!”
  • “Is he that cold-blooded?” Patriarch Li was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out. “If this is so, then I’ll have to serve justice by killing this unfilial b*stard!”
  • “That’s right!” Duanmu Yang scoffed. “This kind of person shouldn’t be allowed to live on this earth! We need to let his savagery be known to all so that everyone will cast him aside, and then we’ll uplift the prestige of the Eight Great Families in one fell swoop!”
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