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Chapter 691 Someone Coming Down From the Mountain

  • When Meng Wan heard what Meng Guanghe said, her face flushed with embarrassment. She looked down without a word as she carried the child.
  • “Then, we’ll talk to the Tang Family?” Wang Yiling was attracted to the idea.
  • Meng Cuiping scoffed from the side, “Don’t you guys know what Jiang Hui is like? Even if Meng Wan gives birth to a hundred children, all of them will become the Tang Family’s descendants. Would she give the Meng Family even one?”
  • Upon hearing what she said, Meng Guanghe came to his senses immediately.
  • “Then what should we do?” Wang Yiling was perturbed by the situation.
  • After a moment’s silence, Meng Guanghe replied, “Since Jiang Hui has left, let’s just get closer to the child for the time being. We’ll let the child accept the fact that she’s one of us so that she won’t feel attached to the Tang Family in the future!”
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