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Chapter 686 Pregnant

  • Tang Ai shivered when she heard Duanmu Yang and kneeled down with a loud thump before she begged while crying, “Grandfather, my name is Tang Ai. I met Duanmu Xiong back in Los Angeles, and that guy named Tang Yin is my cousin. He doesn’t approve of me being together with Duanmu Xiong, saying that the Duanmu Family is just some small family and wasn’t worthy of the Tang Family…”
  • “Small family?!” Duanmu Yang was furious when he heard her.
  • “Yes, that’s what he told me! Duanmu Xiong initially wanted to bring me back to meet all of you, but Tang Yin wanted to kill him…” The more Tang Ai continued, the sadder she felt as she ended up bawling her eyes out and exclaimed, “I really didn’t expect Tang Yin to be so cruel. He chased after us all the way here and killed Duanmu Xiong with his own hands!”
  • “I can’t believe his nerves!” Duanmu Yang was furious as he instructed the surrounding crowd, “I want you guys to start looking around. I want to see him if he’s alive and his body if he dies. I don’t believe that we can’t find that b*stard!”
  • “Grandfather…” Tang Ai stared at Duanmu Yang, who looked strong and determined, innocently as she cried out, “Please shelter me, Grandfather! The only reason why Tang Yin was so arrogant was that my uncle had spoiled him too much! If not, why would he chase us to this place? I can’t leave now. I’m afraid that… I’m afraid that I’m pregnant with Duanmu Xiong’s child!”
  • “What did you just say?!” Surprise flashed past Duanmu Yang’s face before his face turned cold again. “You’re saying that you’re pregnant with Xiong’s child? Xiong had just left more than ten days ago; how could you possibly get pregnant with his child?”
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