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Chapter 684 Pursued

  • Tang Yin’s body shook as Inner Energy started pouring out from his body. Then, his body started swiveling around like a loach as he staggered backward. Although the injury wasn’t deep, his arms were all dyed red from the amount of blood pouring out.
  • “Have you seen that?” Tang Yin was still wielding his sword, with Yuan Zhian behind his back. Although he felt mixed feelings, he still announced softly, “One down, two more to go.”
  • Yuan Zhian answered weakly; she had already seen Tang Lishan’s head on the ground.
  • Everyone was terrified at that moment.
  • Tang Yin’s movement was too quick and ruthless. Tang Lishan’s life ended with one slash just like that.
  • None of them could imagine something like this happening.
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