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Chapter 681 The Heart Sutra of Nine-Yangs

  • The Snow Mountain of Nine Dragons was located in the Southwest of China. Although it was always Spring beneath the mountain, the top of the mountain was eternally covered with snow.
  • After Tang Yin rushed into the valley, he tried to identify the direction and kept going.
  • He could hear the wind howling in his ears. The wind was so bitingly cold that his skin hurt.
  • After running for more than a few hundred meters, Tang Yin’s heart suddenly throbbed as he hurriedly moved away and saw a blade piercing into the location where he stood a moment ago.
  • The attack was swift. Seeing that Tang Yin was unhurt, the Mu Slave hurriedly pulled up the blade.
  • Tang Yin quickly clenched the back of the blade. The moment the blade left the ground, he landed a kick on the Mu Slave. The Mu Slave had never expected that Tang Yin’s inner energy was so powerful to the point where he was astounded.
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