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Chapter 676 The Current Situation

  • “We’ll be intercepted?” Tang Lishan was startled for a moment and snarled, “Who dares intercept me? I’m from the Tang Family. Who has the courage to stop me?”
  • As soon as she finished her words, she flushed and couldn’t say a word. Who was intercepting her plane? She indeed came from the Tang Family, but what if it were the Tang Family members who were stopping her?
  • “It must be Tang Yin…” Tang Ai shuddered and shot a look at Yuan Zhian. “With this b*tch with us, Tang Yin would never let us go. Why don’t we kill her now?”
  • Tang Lishan’s gaze fell upon Yuan Zhian as she turned around and slapped the latter.
  • Yuan Zhian was slapped to the ground, which caused blood to stream down from the corner of her mouth.
  • She was severely injured when she and Tang Yin bumped into the leader of Tiandihui at the hospital some time back. If it weren’t for the fact that she had recuperated well recently, she wouldn’t have been able to withstand this kind of torture.
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