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Chapter 673 Asking for Death

  • Tang Lishan hurriedly opened the car door and followed Duanmu Xiong into Tang Yin’s manor.
  • “Stop right there!” someone in the manor shouted.
  • “Go to hell!” Duanmu Xiong stamped on the ground and formed a whirlwind around his body before he appeared ten meters away and clenched the person’s neck. A cracking sound could be heard in the night. The security guard’s neck was twisted by Duanmu Xiong just like that.
  • Without stopping, he jumped into the manor.
  • The atmosphere around the huge manor turned howling and murderous.
  • When Tang Lishan walked over and saw Duanmu Xiong’s combat skill, she was overjoyed. Upon shooting a gloomy look at the manor, she clenched her fists.
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