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Chapter 671 Ignorance

  • Ouyang Lu was terrified. He almost shattered his own steel teeth when he watched the scene unfold. “Tang Yin, you’re such an evil creature...”
  • Tang Yin turned around as he held his katana, which was still dripping blood, and approached Ouyang Lu one step at a time. “Evil creature? Mr. Ouyang, didn’t you say earlier that even if it’s for the sake of my parents, you might not be merciful toward me? I would really like to know, for the sake of who, that I should have some mercy on you?”
  • “Tang Yin, I swear I will make sure you die...” Ouyang Lu clenched his teeth. “My grandson, Ouyang Chen, has already gone out to get back up, and someone will come to kill you soon. Don’t even think of walking out of my house today! Even if you killed me, you would have to die here with me too!”
  • Tang Yin raised his sword slightly, but his gaze turned toward Ouyang Dan.
  • Ouyang Dan’s face changed. Looking at Tang Yin, who was covered in blood, her heart started to tremble. She really didn’t expect that he would be so powerful. It took him less than five minutes to kill so many people in this room!
  • “Do you hate the people of the Ouyang Family?”
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