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Chapter 666 Drugged

  • Hearing those words, Tang Yin was the first to be in a daze.
  • “The dignity of our Ouyang Family can’t be trampled on by anyone! Once someone crosses the line, that person will inevitably be punished!” Ouyang Mingmu gritted his teeth and turned to walk toward Ouyang Lu’s room.
  • Tang Yin frowned, as he turned to look back eloquently, and then walked straight toward the exit. He could sense the strong hostility in Ouyang Mingmu even without seeing it with his own eyes.
  • “Young Master Tang, the man earlier was Ouyang Mingmu, and he’s the youngest son of Ouyang Lu!” Ouyang Dan, who was standing by Tang Yin’s side became more respectful toward him, as if she was willing to behave more inferior than usual in front of the Ouyang Family. “He is also known for having the hottest temper in the Ouyang Family. Ouyang Yan from last night is his daughter. Maybe he was holding a grudge against the incident that happened last night!”
  • “The incident that happened last night?” Tang Yin frowned. “What happened last night?”
  • Ouyang Dan was thunderstruck for a moment. She then blushed and said, “The incident last night when we three sisters went to serve you in your car!”
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