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Chapter 664 Testing the Water

  • Ouyang Xiang’s face flushed, and she was at a loss for words.
  • “Don’t you know that all these happened because of Tang Yin? It was all because Tang Yin wanted to have sex with the both of you!” Ouyang Chen was in disbelief. “I’m so disappointed with you! How old are you? You’re merely eighteen years old, yet you’re here standing up for Tang Yin?”
  • “I am not...” Ouyang Xiang started crying when she heard Ouyang Chen’s words.
  • “Shut up!” Ouyang Mingmu exclaimed as he stared at Ouyang Yan and Ouyang Xiang furiously. “You two women still dare to cry here after ruining the reputation of the Ouyang Family? What else do you want?”
  • Ouyang Yan and Ouyang Xiang were so scared that they lowered their heads and looked gloomy.
  • “Uncle Mingmu, it’s all that d*mn Tang Yin’s fault. I’m not sure what spell he has cast on Xiang and Yan to make them so loyal to him...” Ouyang Chen’s face was grim. “We can’t let Tang Yin escape so easily!”
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