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Chapter 660 Resisting the Temptation

  • Inside the car sat three naked ladies who had their heads lowered. At the sight of that, Tang Yin was left with his mouth wide agape as he didn’t expect to see this at all. Among the three ladies, Ouyang Dan sat the furthest away, probably because of the similar encounter they both had on the plane earlier. Therefore, when she gazed at Tang Yin, she bashfully placed her hands on her laps. As for the other two ladies, Tang Yin had no idea who they were because he hadn’t seen them at all.
  • “Young Master Tang, this is my sister, Ouyang Yan and Ouyang Xiang. We’re here to receive you,” Ouyang Dan bashfully said and leaned closer. Meanwhile, Tang Yin reacted with a scowl on his face, feeling an energy growing stronger within him despite the peaceful atmosphere in the car.
  • At this moment, the side effects of having a body of nine-Yangs had now begun to manifest itself. Tang Yin didn’t expect the Ouyang Family to have their daughters do something like this. I just want the ladies from the Ouyang Family to keep me company, but this is definitely not what I meant.
  • Ouyang Dan, who sat the closest to Tang Yin, was still able to keep herself together. Apart from her, there was another girl named Ouyang Xiang who looked like she was about sixteen or seventeen years old. She began shivering uncontrollably the moment Tang Yin got into the car as she leaned backward and curled up with fear. Nonetheless, she quickly regained her composure, possibly because she recalled Ouyang Mingxiu’s strict order. Fear made her lower her head even more.
  • Soon, the car began to hit the road in the direction of the Ouyang Manor while the atmosphere within the vehicle began to turn sinister. Ouyang Yan, who looked slightly older than her sisters, mustered her courage and shot a gaze at Ouyang Dan. Seconds later, Ouyang Dan quivered as she kneeled before Tang Yin to unfasten his belt. “You don’t have to do this!” Tang Yin immediately stopped the naked lady from what she was doing.
  • Shivering, Ouyang Dan’s bosom was completely bare while she pitifully looked at Tang Yin. In fact, the ladies weren’t doing this to make it up to the man, but were instead acting on orders. Therefore, if Tang Yin refused to visit the Ouyang Family because of them, the three ladies would probably be beaten to death for their failure.
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