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Chapter 654 A Nostrum

  • Ouyang Mingxiu couldn’t help but feel happy as well, for the method from this unnamed medical practitioner whom Ouyang Chen spoke of proved effective in alleviating Ouyang Lu’s migraine. Therefore, he believed that the prescription would help cure the old man’s migraine. On the other hand, Ouyang Chen quickly made his way out of the room and handed the prescription to his butler. “Send someone to get all these prescribed medicines!” In response to that, the old butler didn’t hesitate at all before he turned around and left to do as told.
  • Ouyang Chen returned to his house and found Ouyang Lu still suffering miserably from his migraine. Therefore, he quickly helped the old man up with Ouyang Mingxiu and brought him back to his room. It was hard to believe that this old man who once built the Ouyang Family was now lying on his deathbed. Everyone knew that Ouyang Lu’s fate would probably take a turn for the better in the next few days, but no one was certain whether things would pan out in his favor as his sickness might put him down this time.
  • “Please rest assured, Grandpa. The unnamed medical practitioner told me to collect the medicines as stated in his prescription. Once we have those things, you’re going to be up and around in no time!” Ouyang Chen could barely contain his joy, while Ouyang Lu nodded as a gesture of approval. “Chen, I’m so proud of you!”
  • Soon, Ouyang Mingxiu let out a sigh and said, “Chen, your credit will be remembered and repaid if your grandpa really recovers this time!” In response, Ouyang Chen happily nodded, “Dad, this is what I should do!”
  • “I’m glad to see the filial quality within you, Chen. So, I think your grandpa would hate to disappoint you,” Ouyang Lu gratefully remarked to his grandson while lying in the bed. Upon hearing that, Ouyang Chen’s face brightened up with exhilaration. Needless to say, Tang Yin’s existence had long slipped the mind of this ungrateful man as if they never met.
  • Half an hour later, the old butler returned, whereupon Ouyang Chen volunteered to keep an eye on their servants during the decoction. Upon noticing his grandson’s initiative, Ouyang Lu felt even more grateful and fortunate. With a grandson like Chen, what else can I ask for? When it was midnight, Ouyang Chen entered his grandfather’s room with the medicine and let the latter drink it. Then, he stood aside and watched with his eyes filled with excitement. If I could really cure grandpa’s migraine, the Ouyang Family will soon be mine!
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