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Chapter 650 Seeking for Antidote

  • Tang Yuanbo’s expression gradually increased in respect, placing both his hands on the ground, and said softly. “I have found the Yuan jade, and I can immediately offer it to you!”
  • “Are you serious?”
  • “I would never lie to you!” Tang Yuanbo knelt on the ground, with his expression extremely pious.
  • “Leave it on the table. You may leave now.”
  • “Master, I still have another request that I hope you may help me with!” Tang Yuanbo bowed his head respectfully, and remained in that position.
  • “What’s the matter?” A hint of anger could be heard from his voice. “Tang Yuanbo, don’t expect me to treat you in a friendly manner. I’ve already given you the method to promote longevity, do you think I would still agree to any of your requests?”
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