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Chapter 648 Grudge

  • Pei Ruo’s face immediately changed when she heard Tang Ke’s voice. She looked like she was in disbelief when Tang Ke entered the room.
  • This was Wuhan, China!
  • How could Tang Ke be here?
  • Pei Ruo had met Tang Ke at the Tang Family Annual Meeting back then and didn’t have a good impression toward him. She thought that they would never cross paths anymore. However, she did not expect Tang Ke to appear in Wuhan. Why did he come to Venture Capital Finance?
  • “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say…” Pei Ruo’s face darkened. “This is Venture Capital Finance, the company that my brother, Pei He, is handling.”
  • “This is indeed Venture Capital Finance. However, this company is under Tang Family’s assets!” Tang Ke smirked. He stared at Pei Ruo coldly before walking over to her desk slowly. “Do you have any problem with me wanting you to f*ck off right now?”
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