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Chapter 645 Dark Magic

  • “F-Father!” Meng Cuiping was terrified as she cried and held onto Meng Guanghe’s leg tightly. “Father, please give me another chance! I beg of you. Please give me another chance. I won’t do it again!”
  • Meng Guanghe’s face was emotionless as he stared intently at Meng Cuiping.
  • Almost everyone who was present was from the Meng Family.
  • Meng Sizhi was sitting by the side and was hesitating to move. Although Meng Guanghe said that he wanted Meng Cuiping buried, he didn’t think that the Old Master was determined enough to make an immediate decision.
  • “Father…” Meng Cuiping cried as she kept kowtowing. “Give me another chance. Please give me another chance! I will do anything you want me to. I won’t repeat my mistake anymore…”
  • Wang Yiling, who was sitting at one side, turned her head to another side and snorted coldly. She would definitely not forgive this person who almost stabbed her husband to death. Even if Meng Cuiping was buried, Wang Yiling probably wouldn’t even feel bad about it.
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