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Chapter 638 In Time

  • At this moment, Meng Cuiping had arrived at the doorway of the underground cell when she heard the loud noise from the outside. Her body trembled faintly.
  • “Jinx, why are you here again?” Meng Guanghe watched despairingly as Meng Cuiping approached. “Do you want to murder everyone from the Meng Family?”
  • Hesitation flashed across Meng Cuiping’s face. She bowed down and picked up the knife on the ground.
  • This moment, nobody had any idea what was on the mind of Meng Cuiping. Her movement was slow and her face was devastating when she looked at Meng Guanghe and Meng Sizhi and took her steps to approach them.
  • “Jinx!” Meng Guanghe was drowned in blackness and almost passed out again.
  • Meanwhile, a figure dashed into the manor.
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