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Chapter 626 Waking Up

  • “Helping me? Tang Wei, what can you do for me? When did I say I wanted your help? Do you think that the Meng Family is the same as the Tang Family? Do you think we would throw away our humanity for profit?” Meng Cuiping roared, “Stop doing that now! If not, I swear on my family name that I will bring the Tang Family down with me!”
  • “You want me to stop it?” Tang Wei laughed while she said ironically, “Meng Cuiping, you’re so old now, yet don’t you realize your situation? I think you’d better pray that I can succeed so that the Meng Family and Tang Yin could die together. Otherwise, if the Meng Family knew that you were the one who had leaked the news to me, don’t you think that Old Master Meng will chop your head off?”
  • “You…” Meng Cuiping flinched while her expression turned pale.
  • At this moment, Tang Wei had hung up the phone. She didn’t want to waste her time with Meng Cuiping.
  • Meng Cuiping painfully closed her eyes. Clenching her teeth, she felt her head buzzing. How did it turn out like this? I just wanted Tang Wei to create a little trouble for the Meng Family so that their plan to save Jiang Hui would be delayed. I never knew that her planning was to murder them! Meng Cuiping was about to break down in regret.
  • At this moment, after Meng Guanghe’s car had driven hundreds of meters away, it finally hit a tree. Although the car was made bulletproof, it couldn’t protect the passengers from all injuries. Therefore, it was already a miracle that it was able to persist until now. The few Hummers from behind had already caught up with them.
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