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Chapter 624 About to Wake Up

  • “B*tch! You’re picking a fight!” Being triggered, McRay raised her hand and gave Jiang Hui a slap angrily.
  • However, Jiang Hui was sharp and quick enough to seize McRay’s wrist and give her a slap instead. Not only was McRay slapped on her face, she received a kick from Jiang Hui too before she fell to the ground.
  • Everything happened within just a blink of an eye, and the police officers around them didn’t manage to react to it.
  • “Stop!” As soon as they realized the things went off, they rushed forward to hold on Jiang Hui.
  • Jiang Hui shook her shoulders hard to free herself, but she was still clutched by the police officers. The next second before she realized, one of the police officers slapped hard on her cheek.
  • She couldn’t bear such a huge force so she staggered backward a few steps.
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