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Chapter 62 Miao Bai Came

  • “Loser? Is this what you mean by loser?!” Wang Qingshan growled, his voice trembling slightly.
  • Disgruntled, Wang Rui glared at Wang Qingshan with red-rimmed eyes.
  • Wang Qingshan was so angry that his hands were shaking; he couldn’t utter a single word at the moment. Just then, the doors to the conference room were flung open once again with six to seven men entering at once.
  • These men were dressed smartly; all of them looked to be successful businessmen.
  • Wang Qingshan quickly diverted his gaze toward them and his heart started to pound. He recognized the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and several people from the Commercial Trade Association. There were several other people amongst them that looked familiar to him, but he could not remember their names.
  • All these people were famous figures, with every single one of them ranking higher than him.
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