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Chapter 618 The Meng Family's Strategy

  • “Well…” The department head looked troubled. He looked at Meng Guanghe and hesitantly said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Meng. Madam Jiang is involved in a serious case and the police force has found evidence to prosecute her for her illegal action. You may not bail her out.”
  • “Evidence?” Meng Guanghe was stunned and he looked grim. “It seems that I really need Congressman Steven to talk to you.”
  • “No matter who talks to me, my stance remains the same. You cannot bail Jiang Hui now!” The department head declared firmly.
  • “Okay!” Meng Guanghe squinted and turned around to leave.
  • “Grandpa…” Meng Wan was a little hesitant and she looked at her grandpa with hope in her eyes. “Are we really not allowed to bail her out?”
  • “My dear granddaughter, let’s wait outside the Police Bureau. Today, I’d like to put myself out here and see if they would let me bail Jiang Hui or not!” Meng Guanghe announced determinedly and led his family out of the building into their car.
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