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Chapter 614 Constitution of the Nine Suns

  • At this moment, Tang Yin’s movements were very weak, so it did not catch anyone’s attention.
  • Tang Yin could only feel the buzzing sound in his mind. He felt as if he was being swept into the sky and fell to the ground in an instant. This feeling of a major fall made Tang Yin’s mind unable to differentiate whether it was reality or just a dream.
  • The gurgling sounds in his body began to appear one after another, and his broken meridians seemed to be self-regenerating. It was a rebirth built on the ruins after his body had been severely damaged. His originally narrow meridians began to expand wider and reshape themselves after a huge amount of Qi entered them.
  • If Tang Yin’s previous meridians were comparable to a small stream, then his current meridian was as wide as the Changjiang River and the Yellow River.
  • The gurgling sounds in his meridians were ringing continuously, indicating the rebuilding of his body.
  • When Hu Song finally realized what was going on, his old face was filled with shock.
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