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Chapter 613 Suspended Animation

  • Han Siyu couldn’t hold herself back as she looked at Han Qi with anticipation. She didn’t know what was deep in her heart, but she didn’t quite believe that the energetic young man that was filled with high spirits had died in America.
  • Han Qi sighed softly and shook her head. “I don’t know yet... For the full story, we might need to wait for others to snoop around for more information about it. However, whether he is alive or dead, we should still finish what we were supposed to do! Since we have made the choice to stand on Tang Wei’s side, it’s our duty to help Tang Wei complete her mission!”
  • “Okay, noted.” Han Siyu nodded.
  • Han Qi looked at the state of Han Siyu and knew that Han Siyu’s thoughts were focused on Tang Yin instead of their mission. She thus lowered her voice and said, “Siyu, you have to understand the situation that we are in, and most importantly the disputes among the Tang Family! The Second Family were so well-regarded during the Tang Family Annual Meeting only because the Old Master of the Tang Family has been refraining himself from saying anything! As soon as the Old Master of the Tang Family struck his move this time, Jiang Hui had been taken away by him. Even for Tang Yin who went along, we have no idea whether he is still alive. People like us would never be able to get involved with those matters of those from a high status, so there is no way that we could intervene...”
  • “Okay, I get it!” Han Siyu lowered her head slightly.
  • Han Qi nodded her head and waved her hand toward Han Siyu as an order for her to leave the room.
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