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Chapter 612 The Moves From All Parties

  • “Ji Youyou, things have already come to such a point. Aren’t you willing to trust me?” With a dark expression, Li Chengshuang consoled, “I also didn’t want that to happen. However, the fact is right before our eyes, so we have to face it!”
  • “Go away…” Ji Youyou couldn’t take it anymore and crouched down. She covered her face with her hands and cried, “Why are you telling me this? Why are you telling me this? Go away… Go…”
  • “Youyou, I know you’re sad. As your mother, I can feel you!” Li Chengshuang heaved a sigh and stroked her daughter’s head. “But it has already happened, so there’s nothing we can do. Fortunately, you’ve been engaged to Tang Yin, and the Tang Family has recognized this marriage! With so many businesses under their management, I don’t think it’s inappropriate for you to ask for Venture Capital Finance as a widow.”
  • Heartbroken, Ji Youyou raised her head and stared at her mother. It had never crossed her mind that Li Chengshuang was here to talk about snatching Venture Capital Finance.
  • “I’m your mother, so I won’t harm you. Since he’s passed away, you’re entitled to inherit his properties!” Li Chengshuang said softly, “I know you’re distraught and may not care about it, but I won’t let you be put at a disadvantage! If you don’t have the heart to manage the company now, you can entrust it to me. I’ll help you manage it for the time being until you graduate from college…”
  • Upon hearing that, Ji Youyou got up and cried as she ran into Wuhan University.
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