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Chapter 611 The Reaction From the Meng Family

  • “Meng Wan?” Meng Guanghe’s expression changed as he stabilized the tottering Meng Wan and questioned angrily, “What’s going on?”
  • Only the wailing of Meng Nianyin could be heard in the room.
  • With a dark expression, Meng Sizhi turned around and took a deep breath before explaining, “Tang Yin and Tiandihui were in a conflict, and he was severely hurt by Chu Tianao. When Jiang Hui reached the place, she managed to kill Chu Tianao, but she was targeted by the Congressmen in America… I’m afraid that she can’t save herself now!”
  • Upon hearing that, Meng Wan’s vision turned dark, and she almost passed out.
  • Meng Nianyin was bawling. As though she could feel something, she was coughing incessantly.
  • Meng Guanghe gritted his teeth and snarled, “Congressmen in America? How dare they go against the Tang Family? Don’t they want to qualify for the election? Don’t they need the fund for the campaign?”
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