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Chapter 607 Jiang Hui Has Arrived

  • Chu Tianao hurriedly released Tang Yin’s hair and extended his hand, but Hu Song’s knees were already inches away.
  • Before he could even react, Hu Song’s knees had hit his chest.
  • “Hu Song, you’re so cunning!” Enraged, Chu Tianao had wanted to block Hu Song’s attack, but the latter’s move was so swift that he immediately felt a sharp pain in his chest and staggered backward. “Kill Hu Song… Kill that cunning man!”
  • Wang Xiaona’s expression changed as she hurriedly fished out the pistol from her pocket. However, the moment she took out her pistol, a popping sound tore across the air.
  • Pop!
  • Everyone turned around and saw blood gushing out of Wang Xiaona’s body after being shot through with a rifle bullet.
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