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Chapter 601 Begging for Mercy

  • Looking at Yuan Zhian’s face, Tang Ai trembled as she became more frightened by the minute.
  • She had been under Tang Lishan’s protection over the years. Now that her mother had left, and she had fallen into the demonic Yuan Zhian’s hands, it was inevitable that she would be terrified.
  • “I told you to lick it all.” Yuan Zhian rose from the chair and stared at her condescendingly. Her gaze was filled with ferocity.
  • “I…” Tang Ai shuddered and cried out before shifting her attention to Tang Yin. “Tang Yin, how could you let your subordinate treat me in such a way? I’m your cousin! I’m from the Tang Family!”
  • Tang Yin turned to Tang Ai. His heart was filled with mixed feelings when he looked at her strange yet familiar face.
  • When they were younger, the competition within the Tang Family wasn’t so intense. The Tang family members weren’t as hostile toward each other as they were now. At that time, he could bring Tang Ai and Tang E to the beach and play with them. They could roll up their pants and pick up some shells on the beach.
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