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Chapter 600 Leaving Her Daughter Behind

  • The name ‘Chu Tianao’ had always had a place in Hu Song’s mind.
  • Their master had taken in three disciples. The first one was Chu Tianao, the second one was Zhao Deliang, and the last one was Hu Song. After their master passed away, Chu Tianao had taken control of Tiandihui.
  • Chu Tianao used tricks to force Hu Song to leave and marginalized Zhao Deliang.
  • After Hu Song left Tiandihui, he had come to Tang Lijiang’s side. Many years had passed just like that. As Zhao Deliang was marginalized and had nowhere to vent his anger, he became dejected and got sick until he died in San Francisco.
  • Luo Guan and Yang Long were Zhao Deliang’s disciples. Hu Song never wanted to take in any disciples due to personal reasons. However, fate had brought him and Tang Yin together as the latter became his disciple.
  • “Since I’ve returned, I’ll have to face it. Tell He Shuizi to come here…” After giving it a thought, Hu Song heaved a sigh and continued, “Leave the rest to me. He won’t have to show up!”
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