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Chapter 598 Are You Making Me Kneel Down?

  • “President Yuan is busy now. If you have nothing important, please go back!” Ohashi Iori said coldly.
  • “Bullsh*t. We’re already here. How could she say she didn’t have the time?” Tang Ai screamed and questioned, “Who does she think she is? Is she that busy?”
  • Ohashi Iori turned glacial as a Kunai appeared in her hand. If these two people dared take a step forward, she would make them bleed on the spot.
  • “Let them in!” Yuan Zhian ordered emotionlessly in the ward.
  • Ohashi Iori took a few steps backward and kept her Kunai.
  • “What a c*nt. Don’t you see who you’re blocking? Are you trying to show off in front of us? Are you even qualified?” Tang Ai spat and walked into the ward.
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