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Chapter 595 The Only Hope

  • The slap stunned everyone around them.
  • With an embarrassed expression, Yuan Zhian hung her head low again. Her face felt scorchingly painful.
  • Jiang Hui snorted, but she was gripped by a feeling of regret. She didn’t feel that Yuan Zhian had become joyful because of the slap. Instead, the latter just took it silently.
  • Didn’t Tang Yin say that Yuan Zhian had masochistic tendencies? This...
  • “Err… You’ve done a great job!” Jiang Hui tried to remain as calm as possible.
  • Yuan Zhian raised her head in a daze. Suddenly realizing Jiang Hui’s intention through her gaze, she flushed. She indeed had a masochistic tendency, but it was only for Tang Yin and Ji Youyou.
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