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Chapter 591 Paying a Visit

  • Tang Yin’s expression changed drastically. He had just reached out to grip one of the hounds’ neck when the second one sprang forward and chomped down on his wrist.
  • The pain seared through his arm like electricity and shot straight into his spine. Tang Yin reeled from the jarring blast of agony. Even though he had cultivated inner strength that heightened his pain tolerance, he could barely bear it. However, it was at this moment that the last hound made its move. Before Tang Yin could budge, it had vaulted itself across the ring with its teeth bared, aiming straight for Tang Yin’s neck.
  • “Die!”
  • Tang Yin shot a death stare at the hound and raised a leg to kick it. In a flash, the hound flew up into the air and landed dead on the other side of the ring.
  • Ring!
  • Suddenly, Tang Wei’s phone rang loudly.
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