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Chapter 589 Fighting With Dogs

  • A few bodyguards led the way ahead, and they walked into the estate together.
  • Li Yuanqing stood outside the estate. Upon seeing Tang Wei coming up, he immediately closed the distance between them and greeted her with a grin. “Miss Tang Wei is truly a sight to behold! Anyone who sees this face of yours will surely fall head over heels with it!”
  • “You’re a smooth talker, aren’t you!” Tang Wei giggled and swayed her hips in a seductive manner, then asked, “How is it going? Can he still stand up? I don’t want him to die right away, okay? That would really ruin the fun!”
  • “Although he fell unconscious just now, that b*stard’s survival instinct is pretty strong. He has regained consciousness now, but his injuries are rather severe.” Li Yuanqing laughed as he spoke, his gaze fixated on Tang Wei’s full hips. He itched to put his arm around her slender waist, throw her on the bed, and force pleasure on her at this very instant!
  • Tang Wei stopped and curled her lips into a smirk. “It looks like your actions are pretty swift and sure. Although you almost messed up, it’s good that the outcome is still acceptable.”
  • “Of course, of course!” Li Yuanqing agreed humbly.
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