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Chapter 588 Fallen Into Bad Company

  • Someone came up and passed over three knives.
  • Li Yuanqing took the knives and stabbed them into Tang Yin’s thigh without hesitation.
  • Tang Yin gritted his teeth and let out a low moan. Although his eyes were bloody and his vision blurred, he could still make out Li Yuanqing’s face in front of him.
  • Li Yuanqing laughed cruelly and said, “Tang Yin, I thought you’re an arrogant man. Why don’t you make a move?”
  • As he spoke, he pulled out the knife and stabbed it into Tang Yin’s other thigh.
  • Tang Yin’s face scrunched up in pain, and he bit down on his lip further. Li Yuanqing’s infuriated voice rang in his ears, and he felt a bunch of people kicking and punching his head. After a few moments, darkness overwhelmed him, and he finally sank into unconsciousness.
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