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Chapter 587 Mutation

  • In the casino hall, a loud, anguished moan rang out.
  • The huge truck rammed into the hall, breaking glass and sending Tiandihui’s disciples flying everywhere. The fighting scene turned into a bloodbath as the truck ran over the bodies mercilessly, mutilating them as it went such that none of the corpses could ever hope to be pieced together again.
  • Countless people were howling and screaming in terror. Standing on the big truck and wearing dark sunglasses, Wang Jin held up the AK47.
  • At this very moment, Wang Jin was the very figure of a terminator. Anyone who blocked his path would be gunned down by his assault rifle.
  • Crack!
  • A hail of bullets rained down from up high and brutally mowed down the young men. As the rifle did its job, the firing sounds reverberated around the hall, accompanied by the noise caused by the fragments of wall and floor tiles shattering all over the place. Those unfortunate enough to be hit by the fragments had their arms and legs sliced. Crimson liquid sprayed everywhere and stained the plush carpets red.
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