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Chapter 586 A Fight Erupted

  • Tang Yin stared at Li Yuanqing with an abnormally icy look.
  • “Why?” Li Yuanqing put his arm around Jennifer’s waist and softly licked the side of her ear. “Are you unwilling to? If not, get lost from here! If you’re getting Yang Long out, just bow to me. I’d seriously consider handing him to you!”
  • Tang Yin squinted his eyes at the challenge and slowly stood up.
  • “Hahaha…” Li Yuanqing laughed madly in anticipation. However, Tang Yin curled his lips and turned around to walk out of the casino. Beside him, Yuan Zhian shot a loaded look at Li Yuanqing before turning around to catch up with Tang Yin without any intent to stay longer.
  • Li Yuanqing was stunned because he did not expect Tang Yin to leave empty-handed. “Tang Yin, do you want Yang Long or not?”
  • Tang Yin stopped in his tracks and remarked sarcastically, “A man like Yang Long is insignificant to me! I’m a businessman, and I’ll analyze the situation from a gain-loss perspective. Even if Yang Long leaves with me now, he will not be of much use to me! I think it’s not worth it to bow to you for a man like him! If you don’t want to hand him over, I’ll leave him here with you!” After the speech, Tang Yin turned around and continued walking out of the casino.
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