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Chapter 585 A Well-Matched Game

  • Did Tang Yin get two triples in a row? Everyone in the hall was stunned when they saw him rolling another triple.
  • Li Yuanqing’s expression shifted a few times, and he shot a meaningful look at Tang Yin. If the first triple was out of blind luck, the second one probably was not—it showed that the man before him was masterful.
  • When Jennifer witnessed Tang Yin’s play, her tiny lips gaped open, and her eyes were filled with astonishment.
  • “Babe, it looks like you have to be bolder!” Li Yuanqing chuckled and slapped on her bottom, causing her to lurch forward.
  • Jennifer stood up and undid her bra as if there was no one around. Her mind-blowing curves were immediately exposed when her bra was dropped. Not only was Jennifer not shy, she coolly whistled and twirled her bra between her fingers, shaking her body while she was at it. Then, she threw the bustier toward Tang Yin’s side.
  • “It’s a gift for you, the man who defeated me twice!” Jennifer smiled at him.
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