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Chapter 583 Meeting the Tiandihui Members

  • Three letters, two notices, and one final visit. Those were rules from the gang business, which Tiandihui had always been observing for a long time.
  • Over these three days, Tang Yin followed the rules and had someone send out three letters and two notices to declare the purpose of his visit based on the gang business’s rules.
  • During this period, the Mojade Company's scandal spread like wildfire in Los Angeles. Under the investigation of tax officers, the company's tax evasion issue finally surfaced. As the leading corporation of Los Angeles and even the financial pillar of the state of California, Mojade Company had accumulated a total of 300 million in taxes.
  • The state government of California quickly moved to freeze all the company assets. In the same afternoon, another scandal of the Mojade Company blew up.
  • During Anderson’s leave from the Mojade Company, he had orchestrated the union members' strike, which was an unethical action that propelled him to become an infamous figure across the nation. He instantly turned from a wealthy capitalist to a despicable figure in the eyes of the American public.
  • When all the issues in Mojade Company had surfaced, the remaining ten thousand workers of theirs faced a new challenge. No one knew the fate of Mojade Company, but everyone knew that it was nearing its sunset years.
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