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Chapter 582 The Code of the Gang Business

  • “I’m sorry, what? President, what do you mean?”
  • “Yeah, what do you mean by ‘I’m really sorry’? Are we unable to start work this afternoon?”
  • Everyone’s expression changed, and their eyes were filled with hate when they stared at Modric.
  • “Let me explain! The company landed in a sticky situation, and it’s likely that we cannot start work this afternoon.” Modric pulled himself together and flashed a smile at the workers around him. “Anyway, I can guarantee that even if we don’t start work this afternoon, we will bring the company back to its original state within the shortest time possible! You have to trust the company and trust Mr. Anderson's capability!”
  • “What b*llshit! Why did you bring up his capability here?”
  • “Yeah, this morning, you vowed in the name of God…”
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