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Chapter 579 Putting Out Hope

  • “I’m not sure, but according to a trail of information, Anderson had met up with both suppliers last night! It must be during the discussion when Mojade somewhat relented, otherwise these suppliers would definitely not do this!” said Pei Ruo.
  • Tang Yin nodded and stood up. He gazed outside the window.
  • Anderson is still struggling like this despite being in such a sticky situation. I really didn’t expect this.
  • “Let Pei He prepare to obtain the products from the suppliers. If they can’t get enough of the raw materials ready, then follow the agreement and have them compensate the full amount,” said Tang Yin softly.
  • Pei Ruo nodded and turned away, but she suddenly stopped in her tracks and asked, “Tang Yin, do you think that these two suppliers are doing this on purpose? Even if we follow what was written in black and white, all we can do is to sue them! If things get delayed, Mojade Company may be able to turn things around!”
  • “I won’t let him get to turn this around!” Tang Yin waved a hand.
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