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Chapter 576 Fallen Into a Trap

  • Yuan Zhian hesitated for a while. In the end, she sighed and lowered her head in silence. Tang Yin knew what she was thinking of. At this critical juncture, even a man like Ji Yueshan was still useful to Tang Yin. Yuan Zhian had felt useless and wanted to go and negotiate with Tiandihui about Yang Long by herself.
  • “Even though there’s nobody better now, we can only let Ji Yueshan go!” Tang Yin turned his head and continued coldly, “Get that thought of yours out of your mind. When I need your help, I’ll naturally let you go! If I didn’t ask you to act, just stay by my side loyally!”
  • Yuan Zhian’s heart was rather moved by those words. Tang Yin’s stern expression had made her initial bitterness turn into sweet joy. “Very well!” Yuan Zhian’s eyes brimmed with tears as she spoke.
  • Tang Yin turned and walked out of the estate. After getting into the car, he headed directly for Oakley’s estate. Even though he had ordered Ji Yueshan to carry out the task, he still lacked confidence in resolving this matter. He intended to speak to Oakley and see if he could get Yang Long out from the side.
  • Yuan Zhian watched Tang Yin leave and quickly informed Ji Yueshan. When Ji Yueshan received the call, he quickly rushed to the base of Tiandihui’s leader. In his heart, he had already assumed Yuan Zhian as his master. Even though he knew that this task would be dangerous, since Yuan Zhian had already spoken, he did not hesitate to act. It was not because Ji Yueshan was eager to perform in front of Yuan Zhian. Truthfully speaking, Ji Yueshan had begun to fear and admire Yuan Zhian in equal measures after spending some time with her.
  • After half an hour, Ji Yueshan had arrived at the location of Tiandihui’s leader. It was an uber-luxurious casino. There were not many casinos in California, and there were even fewer legal ones. However, this legendary and notorious Great Fortune Casino had existed for decades. For the past decades, the political scene of California was highly volatile, but this casino had not felt the effects of any political change at all.
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