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Chapter 566 Li Yuanqing

  • “Oh, how audacious!” Li Yuanqing’s smile widened.
  • “Hall Master Li, that was not the case. I have already given an explanation to the leader. It was Luo Guan who drove me away and killed them all. My subordinates died tragically, and in order to seek revenge for them, I had no choice but to kill Luo Guan!” Yang Long hurriedly stepped forward, clasping both fists.
  • Li Yuanqing smiled and glanced over Yang Long’s figure.
  • “Hall Master Li, Luo Guan was killed by him. Don’t listen to his nonsense...” Madam Xiang burst into tears and started wailing. “Luo Guan was the leader of our base, and recently he had just received a huge sum of money. Yang Long must have seen Luo Guan receiving the money from Tang Yin, so he killed Luo Guan because he was driven by Tang Yin!”
  • Li Yuanqing pursed his lips. Although there was a smile on his face, his eyes were filled with coldness. The eyes of the crowd suddenly became tense, each staring at Li Yuanqing, waiting to see what he would do next.
  • “I am upright, and I have never colluded with Tang Yin...” Yang Long took a step forward to explain it loud and clear.
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